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    Inca Trail, Peru


    8 days / 7 nights for $1,795

    Early signup price: $1,595


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  • Why The Inca trail?

    Limited availability of trail permits for the four day / three night Inca Trail makes this trek one of the most exclusive in the world.


    The hike through the Andes Mountains to the Amazon basin was a pilgrimage and important trade route for hundreds of years by the ancient Incans.


    The trail was burned and Machu Picchu was never found by the Spanish Conquistadors. Only recently was this historic gem re-discovered in 1911 by the famous Explorer Hiram Bingham.


    If you are in relatively good shape and are up for a challenge, read on for the details about trekking the Inca Trail.


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  • Day 1: Lima, Peru

    Arrive in Lima (LIM) before 12:00pm and be shuttled to our boutique hotel in the neighborhood of Miraflores.


    Spend your first afternoon exploring the miles of cliffs along Lima's Costa Verde or the Green Coast including Parque del Amor.


    For the most adventurous, rent a surfboard and wetsuit at Waikiki Beach to conquer the Pacific Ocean swell.


    Meet like-minded travelers at our opening dinner and snap pictures of the lighthouse or with the famous stray cats.

  • Day 2: Arrival in CuSco

    Fly from Lima to Cusco on a flight included in our price to visit the capital city of the Incan Empire.


    Begin to acclimate at 11,200 feet and

    take a warm up hike to Cristo Blanco and the Pre-Incan citadel of Saksaywaman.


    See Cusco's incredible Plaza de Armas at night and feel like you've gone back in time.

  • Day 3: Sacred Valley Cultural day

    Drive through the Sacred Valley along the Urubamba River, and stop to take llama selfies at the Awana Kancha Textile Palace.


    Join the Under30Experiences team for an up close look at the indigenous culture at one of our community outreach projects.


    Have the option to try traditional Peruvian style delicacies such as alpaca, guinea pig, or ceviche before our hike.



  • Day 4: Begin the inca trail

    Be shuttled to Ollantaytambo and begin the Inca Trail at the famous kilometer 82 marker.


    Meet your porters, cooks, and guides and begin your trek as you get a taste of the journey ahead.


    Follow in the footsteps of the legendary explorer Hiram Bingham and settle into your campsite on the first night.

  • Day 5: Dead woman's pass

    Begin your second day of hiking at 7:00 am with incredible views of the snow-capped Veronica Mountain.


    Ascend to the top of Warmiwañusca or "Dead Woman's Pass" at 13,779 feet on the journey's most challenging stretch of trail.


    Settle into your tent, set up for you ahead of time, and enjoy a well-earned Peruvian meal.

  • Day 6: Pacaymayo Valley

    Continue along the Inca Trail, picturing the Incas making pilgrimages to Machu Picchu hundreds of years before you.


    Today you will pass the glaciers of the Cordillera Vilcabamba mountain range and see the ruins of Phuyupatamarca, "The Town Above the Clouds."


    Two hours downhill at the Winay Wayna Archeological Site, you will find your third and final campground.

  • Day 7: Arrive Machu Picchu

    Breakfast on your final day will begin early to arrive Intipunku through the famous Sun Gate.


    As you stand to overlook Machu Picchu, soak in the journey you've worked so hard to complete.


    Descend upon this breathtaking piece of history as you wind through the paths at this amazing protected site.


    That evening take the train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo and reflect on the beauty of what you just experienced.



  • Day 8: Relax and Departure

    On your final day take an included domestic flight back to Lima from Cusco to catch any international connection departing after 2:00 pm.


    Say goodbye to the amazing new hiking buddies you've made as we say goodbye in Lima.


    As our Under30Experiences trip comes to a close, we hope you keep in touch with our awesome community and your new friends.


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  • What Else Do I Need to Know?


    What's Included at $1595 Early Signup?

    -8 days / 7 nights with Under30Experiences

    -4 nights boutique hotel stay in double accommodations

    -3 nights camping along the Inca Trail

    -Round Trip Domestic Flight from Lima to Cusco

    -Pickup and drop-off at Lima (LIM) Airport
    -Train from Machu Picchu to Ollayntaytambo

    - Inca Trail Permits, booked 6 months in advance

    -7 Breakfasts 3 Lunches and 6 dinners

    -Guides, porters, and cooks along the Inca Trail

    -Tents and camping equipment setup by professional guides

    -Under30Experiences staff members

    -The chance to meet kick-ass people!
    (Attendees are responsible for own airfare) 


    When should I book my flight?

    Plan to arrive Day 1 before 12:00 PM and to depart Day 8 after 2:00 PM local time

    *Please wait to book your flight until you receive an email from us with more details.


    *Switch Your Trip Program only valid until December 30, 2016 for all 2017 Inca Trail trips.*


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